How long can I watch each session before I am locked out?

There will be a “rolling lockout”.  What that means is that after you have watched a session and “unlocked” the next session, you have 14 day to again watch the previous session—after 14 days, you will be locked out of that session.

How will this compare to your residential 18 day program?

This is a new, cutting-edge program which we think will compare favorably with the 18 day program.  But there will clearly be some people that will need more time and/or instruction and the residential 18 day program will fill that role

Can I get a group discount?

yes, if you have a group larger than three people you can receive a discount.  Just check the website for those details.

Can I have other participants join me in watching the program?

Absolutely, and, in fact, we encourage you to watch this program with another person.  If that person is a close relative, we will allow that additional person to watch for free!  If you are married, it would be most helpful if your spouse watches the program with you.  The reason for that is that you are most likely planning on (in some cases) radically changed your lifestyle and you need your family on board with you.

Can I just skip around and pick the topics that most interest me?

The program will not unlock session #2 until you finish session #1, so, no you will not be allowed to just cruise around and look at the topics that might interest you.  We have made these presentation lean and we believe that they all build on each other and you need to watch them in the order that they are provided concluding with the recap/Q&A that occurs at the end of each session.

How long should on spend each day?

That depends upon how many days you want to take to get through all 8 sessions.  If you are doing one session/day, it would take a minimum of three hours.  There is a lot of additional helpful information that could take several more hours.